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Emergency Dentistry

An emergency by nature is unpleasant.  Thank goodness you have access to emergency dental care here at Big River Dental.  People from Brandon, Madison, Pearl, Flowood, Ridgeland, Vicksburg, Canton, and the surrounding Jackson metro area have access to emergency dentistry services when you need it most. We offer same day treatment whenever possible, and we’re happy to provide after-hours emergency care for our patients of record in legitimate emergency situations.


The best way to reduce your stress and anxiety during a dental emergency is to make sure that you have a game plan when dental disaster strikes. When faced with any dental emergency, start by contacting Brianne at Big River Dental immediately by calling 601-825-1172.  

Dental Emergency Care

Use ice packs at 20 minute intervals to manage pain and swelling following facial trauma. For broken or knocked out teeth, try to replace the tooth in the socket in your mouth where the tooth came from.  If that’s not possible, store the tooth in a container of milk or salt water.  For cuts to your gums, apply gentle pressure to stop bleeding. If that is not effective, ice can also be used to slow or stop the flow of blood.  


Don’t hesitate during a dental emergency. Contact our team right away and get the smile back on your face fast.


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