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Dental Crowns & Bridges

Severely damaged or missing teeth cause you a great deal of pain and stress.  Dr. Dickey and his Brandon dental team offer dental crowns and fixed bridges to restore or replace teeth.  This helps you feel confident in your smile.  We welcome patients from Brandon, Pearl, Madison, Flowood, Ridgeland, and Vicksburg to visit our state-of-the-art practice for a restorative dentistry consultation.  During a consultation, we examine your damaged teeth.  We’ll provide a recommendation for the proper treatment and restoration. And we make it easy to finance this work should you need help with payment.  

Dental Crowns

Sometimes patients have tooth decay too advanced to be corrected with fillings.  That’s when crowns come into play.  A dental crown fits over the top of a damaged tooth and provides renewed strength and stability. The process typically takes two visits over the course of two to three weeks to complete.


During your initial visit, your teeth are prepared for the crown itself.  The decay is removed from the tooth, and the area around the tooth is smoothed in preparation for the crown.  Next, we take dental impressions which are used to create a custom crown designed exactly for your mouth.  

While your crown is being manufactured, you’ll wear a temporary restoration crafted in our office here at Big River Dental by our skilled team of professionals.  Once the custom restoration is completed, you’ll return to Big River Dental to receive their permanent solution. That’s when we’ll place your crown using dental cement.

Fixed Bridges

Crown & Bridge Tooth Replacement

When you have several missing teeth in the same area of your mouth, it probably makes you feel uneasy and self-conscious about your appearance.  Crown and bridge work can be an appropriate solution for this problem.  Sometimes called fixed bridge replacement or fixed partial denture, this treatment utilizes your healthy surrounding teeth to support the replacement tooth or teeth.


Fixed bridges are adequate to replace one or as many as three consecutive missing teeth. The process is similar to that of crown placement.  The main difference is that this procedure  requires the preparation of at least two healthy teeth to receive a crown. The entire crown and bridge is crafted as a single unit (i.e. a prosthetic).  The two dental crowns are connected to the replacement tooth or teeth. At an initial visit, patients’ teeth are prepared for the restoration, and impressions are taken.  

Similar to a crown procedure, patients need to wear a temporary restoration while the custom solution is made. They’ll then return to Big River Dental for a visit to exchange the temporary for a final solution. Contact Big River Dental to find out more about crown and bridge smile restorations or to schedule your regular checkup. We’re happy to help patients complete their smiles in our modern office.

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