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Dental Implants


Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth.  It’s appropriate to use this procedure to support a single missing tooth up to an entire row of teeth.  Patients love implants because they provide a very natural look and feel.  They feel very “normal” inside your mouth.  An implant is basically a titanium post that mimics root structures of your tooth. We welcome patients from Brandon, Pearl, Madison, Flowood, Ridgeland, Vicksburg, and the Jackson metro area to contact our team for a dental implant consultation to find out more.

At Big River Dental, we strive to offer advanced dentistry services in a modern, family-friendly practice with a small town feel. One of the many specialty services we offer is implant supported tooth replacement. Dental implants are titanium posts that mimic root structures and provide support for replacement teeth. Implants are able to support replacements for any number of missing teeth, from a single crown to a full arch of teeth, and they provide patients with a more natural look, feel, and function. We welcome patients from Brandon, Vicksburg, Canton, Madison, Pearl, and Ridgeland contact Brianne for any questions about implants. 

dental implants

Implant Placement

The first step of the two part dental implant process is placing the titanium implant posts below the gum line. This is a minor surgical procedure. Successful completion requires that patients have adequate jawbone density to support the implant and are healthy enough for a minor surgery.


The procedure itself varies in length based on the number and location of implants to be placed. The placement itself simply requires a small incision in the gums and the correct positioning of the implant in the gums. We work with a variety of dental specialists to make sure our patients receive the best dental implant care.


Implant Restoration

After a period of two or more months, your gums will have healed and the implant post will have fused to your jawbone.  Then you’ll return to our practice to have a dental restoration attached to your implant. We are able to support any type of tooth replacement with one or more dental implants.


Depending on your preference, we may use removable or permanent attachments to connect the restoration with the implant posts. This requires a minimal amount of local anesthesia, and has a 24 hour recovery time or less.

dental implant

Implant Retained Prosthetics

For many patients, removable full and partial dentures and dental crown supported bridges offer adequate structure and stability. For others, an implant retained prosthetic may be a better option.


By connecting prosthetics to a dental implant post, patients experience numerous benefits, including: Improved oral health due to the increased retention of jawbone density and gum tissue volume when root structure is restored.  Maintaining a youthful appearance is possible, due to the retained bone structure and gum tissue.  Improved chewing ability by up to 70%, allowing for a more varied diet.

implant denture


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